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ProFlex People is an innovative resourcing solution connecting highly skilled and qualified resources with small business through an easy to use online platform. In South Africa, a large selection of our skilled workforce is out of work, unable to work full time through personal circumstance or find themselves unemployed by virtue of their age, gender or ethnicity. At ProFlex People we believe that this talent can be put to good use in small businesses. This is a perfect match of talent and experience with the demand of small businesses without the overhead of permanent or interim employment. ProFlex People offers a completely flexible solution that allows the small business to choose the skill they need by the hour with no additional overheads. This solution opens up access to a skills base not available to small business before on such a flexible or affordable basis. Our ambition is to improve success rates in our small businesses with an injection of critical skills for only as long as it is needed. Our people are screened and checked to ensure the highest standards of quality to meet your needs. For many this could be the first step on the road to full time employment. Our Professionals are able to share their capability, keep engaged with the workplace and learn new skills whilst seeking full time employment or just to fit in with their lifestyle. Initially ProFlex People will focus on the areas of Human Resourcing and Accounting with Marketing and Legal services coming on board in the next 3-6 months. We understand that every small business needs these skills but cannot always afford full-time staff or traditional recruitment agencies which can mean that these services are often overlooked which could lead to higher costs and greater risk for businesses in the long run. Our mission is to reduce unemployment in South Africa by utilising ‘professional skills as a service’ to foster growth and improve the success rates in small businesses.


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City: Gauteng

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